By Kris Haamer


Two visionaries on São Tomé and Príncipe – a farmer, and a scientist – tell an entrepreneurial story of the change they are aspiring to create and the hardships involved.


Entrepeneurs create disruptive change (in spite of hardships).

General Aim

Showcase entrepreneurial stories in a little known country.


African reporting is dominated by the BBC, CNN, Reuters, the United Nations, and large aid agencies; there is a lack of independent stories.


Paradise Island, Inc.’s contribution to African reporting is to 1) Personalize São Tomé through entrepreneurial stories 2) Reveal a nation unknown to many people 3) Promote sustainable ecotourism.


The focus is on changemakers doing something exceptional to put São Tomé and Príncipe on the map.

Form (Genre, Format and Duration)

Cross-platform documentary, twenty-two minutes in length, divided into three segments, seven minutes each – ready to be shared through social media.

Resources (Crew, Equipment, and Funding)

There are three people on location – Haamer, Masso, and Aragão. We use a high-definition two-camera setup with external sound. We are self-funded.


Editing is by Haamer and Masso, narration by Santos, and graphic Design by Kuusmann and Lund.


For visual diversity, interviews are recorded on varied locations. A beach disco is a backdrop for the artist; a cacao plantation for the farmer, and a rainforest path for the scientist. Interviews showcase three disparate people who have an entrepreneurial story.

Language is Portuguese and French, with an English voice-over provided. Narration is in the present tense, and questions are rooted in contemporary problems. The content is thesis-driven, disruptive, and inspirational. For the YouTube generation safe content is boring – we try to push the boundaries of basic equipment with bold editing.


Viewers are media-saturated YouTube watchers characterized by low attention span, ease of leaving. Content needs to be clear and to the point.


Here is a tentative list of interesting people tied to the islands. As this is an investigative documentary, discoveries made during production may change the prepared plans.

  1. Claudio Corallo (Cacao Farmer) – wants to make chocolate no matter what
  2. Maria do Ceu Madureira (Biologist) – wants to find a cure for cancer
  3. Rene Tavares (Painter) – wants to succeed as an artist
  4. Ermis Quaresma (Capoeira Instructor) –  wants to teach capoeira no matter what
  5. Aguinaldo Salvaterra (CEO) – wants to make a lot of money
  6. Kathleen Becker (Writer) – wants to travel the world
  7. Ned Seligman (Disabled Man & Entrepreneur) – wants to provide social justice in Sao Tome
  8. Robert C. Drewes (Biologist) – wants to protect African ecosystems
  9. Kiluange Tiny (Journalist) – wants to develop his country

In May 2009 Estonia established diplomatic relations with São Tomé and Príncipe. Estonian Ambassador to Portugal Mart Tarmak said São Tomé and Príncipe would make a good destination for Estonian tourists, and a good choice for developing Estonian-African relations.

The script is available on request, so get in touch with me, and I’ll share it on Adobe Story. (For previous research please see Africa on YouTube.)