Opportunity: SaoTomeBlog is open to sponsors who wish to associate their brand with our project. Official sponsorship is limited to a maximum of 7 sponsors. Sponsor graphics must be approved by SaoTomeBlog.

Advert Display

We offer diverse advertisement options both on the blog, and in our upcoming film. The following industry standard sizes are available on the blog:

  • 125×125 above the fold
  • 125×125 below the fold
  • Header, above the fold)
  • Footer, below the fold

Adverts are also available in the film. While we do not offer product placement,  Official Sponsor receive a dedicated display of their graphic on the SaoTomeBlog blog, and our upcoming film.

Up to 3 Official Sponsors get space in in the opening titles. Up to 7 Official Sponsors get space in the end titles.

  • SaoTomeBlog attracts thousands of readers every month
  • SaoTomeBlog reaches over 72 countries, in Europe, and the Americas

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