Corallo’s Famous Chocolate

São Tomé - Cocoa pod

Saotomean Cocoa pod – soon to become chocolate. Photo by Inna Moody.

I’ve written before about Saotomean produce, such as the Pilolo Atomico, and Pepper & Vanilla but chocolate is the product Sao Tome & Principe is most famous for so today, I want to introduce you to the Corallo chocolate. For those who haven’t heard of Corallo, he’s is probably the best known man from São Tomé and Príncipe, surpassing presidents, and prime ministers.

The man is famous for producing excellent organic chocolate. And he has lived a life full of of adventures. He’s not ashamed to tell the story.

Not Many Export Success Stories

Sao Tomé does not have many export products. The main produce include sugar cane, coconut pulp (copra), bananasbreadfruit, plantains, cassava, and cornmeal – but none of this is exported.

And although efforts are being made to grow more crops for local consumption, large amounts of food still have to be imported, in some cases resulting in higher prices, than for example in Lisbon.

The only real success story is the chocolate.

The Corallo Chocolate Fame

Corallo’s chocolate is so good by some accounts, that it has been voted among the world’s best chocolate‘s by Portuguese experts.

The web is full of praise for the organic product. Just choosing a few, the famous Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey praises the deep flavors of red wine and tannins’. And Mercedes Sayagues from GlobalPost goes to the extent of saying that after tasting Corallo’s chocolate you’ll be unable to eat anything else – ‘earthy, crunchy, dusty’.

This isn’t all there is to it. There’s a long history to cacao production on the islands, some of which is detailed by two Canadian filmmakers, in an film called Extra Bitter: The Legacy of the Chocolate Islands.

The Corallo Documentary

But let’s skip all the fluff. Here’s the full monty on Corallo in four parts. Enjoy!

How did you like the documentary? What do you think about the the Saotomean trade deficit? Let us know in the comments.

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