Beth Santos Concludes Second OLPC Summer Program

Class with their OLPC computers

I first wrote about the One Laptop Per Child project in Sao Tomé this February.

A group of University of Illinois students brought OLPC computers to Sao Tomé in summer 2009, as part of their internship program.

Later, in October 2009, Beth Santos followed up with her own project, making sure laptops were used throughout the school.

Now, this June-July 2010 Beth Santos went back to Sao Tome for her second trip, trying get the project running. She has pledged to do that every year at least once, so to make sure  the project stays of track.

Read Beth’s *very* detailed diary of her project on her blog, follow the Facebook backlog, and see the videos of the kids, asking them how they like the project below.

If you’d like to participate in funding more laptops, get in touch with Beth through her blog.


— Kris Haamer

OLPC kids


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  • Beth

    thanks for the shout-out!! please do get in touch with me if anyone would like to help fund or wants more information. always happy to provide it.