Sergio’s 7 Impressions of São Tomé

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Since Kris has kindly invited me to write something on my experiences in Sao Tome, please allow me to mention just 7 of the things I loved from that beautiful country:

7 The Local Talent

My admiration and personal tribute to the people currently devoted to the promotion of local produce, their own people and the art. I was taken aback by the passion and simplicity shown by Joao C Silva whilst serving a delicious, rich and wide menu at his stunning and wonderfully placed Roca Sao Joao … I real ‘trip in flavours around the country’. Equally impressed with the artistic talent and the ‘complex human simplicity’ of Rene Tavares, with whom I shared more than 1 beer ;). mostly honoured with the frequent company of another great artist, major person(ality) and, as fate had it, ‘pensao’ partner Mr Kwame Sousa, meu irmao.

6 Café & Cia

Incredibly good times experienced… very nice people met, in this sort of haven for Europeans and other foreigners desperately looking for a WI-FI and a cup of coffee at the right rhythm of their ‘leve-leve’ service. Many of my best memories have their origin or end in there.

5 The Weather

Hot and moist for the most part but enjoyable. Living in London makes you go from wearing more layers than an onion to virtually rip your shirt off as soon as the thermometer reaches the 20ies and you are close to a patch of grass… But in STP I’ve experience a variety of amazing microclimates and mini local all-of-a-sudden storms. Monte Café and the Jardim Botanico being an absolute delightful for me.

4 The Fish

…. Beautiful, fresh, rich, plentiful, tasty, abundant and in wide range ‘peixe’. As a vegetarian I would not last long in Africa, so I would never forget the fact that I was able to enjoy a different nicely cooked and extremely fresh fish course every single day of my stay in ST.

3 Kizomba

Most likely not originally from Sao Tome but carefully, beautifully and widely preserved and practiced in the Inland dancing scenes. About the sexiest dance I have ever witnessed … (would like to say ‘experienced’ as well, but that was a skill that escaped all my mastering efforts).

2 Fruta Pao

😉 well, most fruits and vegetables in STP would do really, for their diversity, their freshness and incredible flavours… but the fruta pao won me over for being so useful, versatile, cheap and tasty. Qualities I share with it myself 😉

1 The People

Mostly humble and incredibly welcoming. Even though sometimes I felt myself to be insultingly white sometimes and clueless (pure ignorance, I must admit) they were all incredibly welcoming and pleasant. The humbler, the better.