Newspapers in São Tomé & Príncipe

Téla nón

Téla nón is a high-profile online newspaper in São Tomé & Príncipe, most popular in the diaspora

We’ve previously listed blogs covering Sao Tome & Principe. As the Santomean blogosphere is tiny, one might say non-existent, most of the discussion goes on around stories produced by newspapers. So today we give you a list of all the Santomean newspapers that are available online – enjoy!

Obviously, these newspapers are in Portuguese, so you might want to use Google Translate. Some of the sites, like Jornal Tropical, have been black-listed by Google, so if your browsers gives you a big red warning – just press ‘ignore’.

Lets start with the National newspapers.

International news agencies, and news sources.

If you start a blog about Sao Tome & Principe, find a news source we haven’t listed, or write an article for your local paper – let us know here.

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