Dely Amorim’s Canal Santola — Spreading Santomean Vibe Worldwide

Canal Santola

Canal Santola

Canal Santola is a popular hub for information on Sao Tome e Principe. The site relies heavily on Lusophone music for it’s popularity. One can watch videos of African music, including latest Zouk, Kizomba, and Tarraxinha tracks. Catch news updates and links of the Santomean world. Or read up about the history and culture of the country.

We called up the the founder Dely Amorim to ask about his site, and how it got started. Below is the story in his own words (translated to English).


Lack of Information

Canal Santola was started in 2005. I was looking for music and information on the Internet. But everything I found was sites with the same information. They almost seemed to be copies of each other. None of the sites had music from Sao Tome e Principe. I became tired and decided to create something different that would have all the information that anyone would want to know about Sao Tome.

Birth & Growing Popularity

The first version I launched in 2005 and received almost 350 thousand visits. The second version in 2008 received in less than 9 months one million visits. It was very controversial and violated copyright. After many complaints Portuguese police closed down the site. I was processed and had to pay a fine of 1500 Euros for any damages and losses as they called it. Canal Santola remained closed for more than one year.


Now this is the third version of the site launched in January 2010 and now we’ll see what happens. The story continues…

Thanks Dely and Canal Santola. Today we featured the first in a series of Santomean websites. You can expect more in the future.

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