Kwame Sousa and Rene Tavares – the Arts on Sao Tome

Street art in Sao Tome

Street art in Sao Tome. Photo by Robert Grant.

This is the first of a series of posts featuring the Santomean art scene, highlighting the best artists and their works. Two of the most well known artists in Sao Tome are Kwame Sousa and Rene Tavares. Their works are exhibited at the local Teia D’Arte gallery.

Other artists include Adilson Castro, Armindo Lopes, Armindo Machado, Aurélio Silva, Castilho, Cesaltino Fonseca, Edilson Chong, Geane Castro, Guilherme Carvalho, Jesus Quaresma, João Carlos Silva, Leonel Varela, Manuel Ceita, Michell Rosamonte, Nezó, Olavo Amado, Osvaldo Reis, Pedro Santana, and Zémé.

Here’s some examples of public art on the streets and the famous tree-carvings by Sandro. At the University of Lisbon there’s the artafrica Center of Studies of the Arts (also on Facebook).