The Media: Santomean Sources for Journalism Listed


There is one local television station TVS (Televisão Santomense). One of the popular shows on the channel is the daily Telejornal. Check the video after the break.

Tela Non

There’s an online newspaper Tela Non (Our Land) for the international audiences.

Canal Santola

Canal Santola is community for ‘Santomeans and their friends’ which relays news and videos. Also their own productions including local fashion, music videos, and events – which you cannot find on YouTube. There’s a magazine for the youth published by the Bue Fixe Group, the latest edition out was Bue Fixe number 10. There are a few forums and mailing lists where people talk local news and politics, but also music and culture. Another forum is for exchange students and overseas workers in France. Also check out this overview of the Saotomean blogger community.