Where Did the Santomean People Come From?

The Santomean demographic is mixed. Many islanders are a mix of Portuguese-African descent, but the majority of islanders are of solely african origin. Most are descendats either of slaves or of the indentured workers brought form other Portuguese colonies nearly a hundred years ago. This is a blend of African, Portuguese, and Caribbean culture. This is one of the last unspoilt places on earth, an antitheses of mass-market destinations. The scarcity of tourists is one of the islands’ biggest attractions.

History tells of a fascinating colonial heritage. Most people are religious. Around 81% say they are Catholic, the rest mostly protestant, belonging to Africa-based churches or Seventh-Day adventists.

Mesticos (Filhos da Terra) – people of mixed african-european (portuguese) ancestry. Forros – descendants of slaves freed from plantatsion after the abolishment of slavery Angolaers – descendants of Angolan slaves who were shipwrecked on the island in 1540. They set up independednt fishing villanges around the coast. Servicasi – migrant workers from other Portuguese colonies (Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique). Tongas – childrend of servicais born on the islands

Some local girls doing a fashion show.