Plantations or Roças – Where Does Santomean Cocoa Come From?

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Roça São João by Maria Cartas

There were around 800 plantations on the island but many are now run down and unused.

Famous Rocas

Some of the most famous include Agua Izé, Roca Ribeira Peixe, Roça do Rio do Ouro aka Roça Agostinho Neto (named after an Angola President, this is the biggest plantation on the island).

Then Roça Nova Ceilão and Roça Zampalma, both on the way from Bom sucesso to Bombaim. Furthermore Roça Belo Monte, Roca de Monteforte.

Roca Monté Café (an Algerian company is investing 10 million Euros here in the near future to produce coffee, the plantation hasn’t been working since 1993).

Agostinho Neto - São Tomé e Príncip

Roça Agostinho Neto by José Augusto

Some of the plantations have been converted to basic hotels. These include

Roça São João with a balcony, restaurant, and an art collection, a quiet quest house with an absolutely delightful ambience. A Portuguese cooking show is regularly filmed here. A haven for artists, whose wares lend an artsy feel to the whole place.

Roca Bombaim

Roça Bombaim with a botanic garden where local students come to learn about the plants

Roça Monte Forte

Roça de Santa Teresa - São Tomé e Principe

Roça de Santa Teresa by José Augusto